Frequently Asked Questions:

 1.  Will agents from different Real Estate Companies show property listed by Modern Realty Group?

 Absolutely!  Our listings are in the MLS for ALL Agents to Show and Sell!

2. I have been told if I list with an agent that is not from my town I will not get my home "shown" by local agents. Is that true?

No, This is a tactic some agents use to try and persuade a Seller to list with a "local" company.

3.  Can you market our property like bigger Real Estate Firms?  

Yes, Modern Realty Group is smaller than some of our competition but we can market a listing in all the same ways a larger franchise can. 

4.  Shouldn't I list my home higher than your "comp" analysis so I have room to negotiate? 

Today's Buyers are savvy. They have access to some of the same information as Realtors. Buyers are informed better than ever before about the market value of a home. They know when a home is overpriced. 

Our philosophy is to price the home at a fair market value considering the location and condition of the home. 

5.  Would it be best to sell my home in current condition or spend money & time getting new paint, flooring, & other updates?

When your home goes on the market, you want it to look it's very best. That first impression is extremely important when selling!  We will guide you on what we think is best for Market Ready Condition!

6.  Do you charge Buyers a fee to show them property? 

No, We never charge Buyers a fee!

7.  Do you run ads in the local Newspaper?  

No, we don't have a section in paper every week....We feel like todays buyers are shopping online so our focus is internet marketing through our website and social media.