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Prep Your Home to List!

Here is a list of things we usually tell our sellers to do to get their home Market Ready!  We want to appeal to the masses & make a great first impression for those buyers!


1. Keep Grass Mowed, Mulch Flower Beds & Put flowers in pot at front door, Power wash sidewalk, steps, deck, patio & home if needed-Curb Appeal is very important!

2. Touch up the front Door or trim around front Door-This makes a great first impression when the buyer is walking in-Remember we want to look the best!

3. Declutter the entire house!  Less is MORE!  We want bare minimum on kitchen counters, bathroom counters, coffee tables, end tables, etc.... Too much stuff is distracting to today's buyer! Organize closets, pantry, drawers, & even garage is great! Shows much better when the buyer opens the door and tons of items aren't falling out on them!  

4. Make sure there aren't any off putting smells like strong seasoning you cook with, pet odor, or too much candle & air freshener going on. This is very important to take care of before showing the house, it can be a major turn off to a buyer.

5. Keep the house clean at all times but do a DEEP CLEAN before listing... including wiping door jams, walls, trim that has grime from fingerprints. Clean Light Fixtures and Fans if theres a thick coat of dust it doesn't show well. Have Carpets Professionally Cleaned! 

6. Look for scratched trim around doors & kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets then touch those up with paint. You can easily get paint to match at Home Depot if you don't have left paint. We want buyers to see a well cared for home!

7. Today's Buyer likes neutral colors so if every room in the house is a different color or dark colors we might suggest painting those rooms before listing. We have tricks that can help in this area!